SW005 El Peladito

Entrees were skipped after the team barely finished the suggested appetizer bowl at the Baseball themed seafood place called El Peladito. Fresh back from Germany and Michigan, Nick is not letting Florian get away with complaining about Mexican winters. Following up on the hopes and fears from the last episode, the good and the bad from the 34c3 is very carefully addressed.

Big Bowls, Baseball and Brrrrr

Duration: 1:46:36

Florian Posdziech
Nick Farr


El Peladito


Mark McGwire hits 70 home runs during the 1998 season – The colectivos from Pochutla to Mazunte – Twist to open (YouTube) – @Cheatha – Nick Farr and/or Cheatha – The 34C3 Awareness Team

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