SW027 Kristin's Place

Even though we recorded this on the same day as the previously released one, we're releasing it several months later. Somehow, Nick knew this so there's a handy recap of the prior episode going into this one. We meet Nick's girlfriend from the nature center and hear a bit about his new life right after reminiscing about his old life...and the old version of this podcast.

Nick's new life with two dogs, two cats and (at his) girlfriend('s house).

Duration: 1:11:17

Nick Farr
Florian Posdziech


The Dogwood Bungalow


Demand Responsive TransportMaster NaturalistsUpcoming experiences in natureIt turns out the Squaire is the largest office building in GermanyLife is a Festival PodcastThe Fly Ranch Episode of Life is a FestivalNick actually didn’t technically attend the 23c3, he spoke at itRhein Radeln2019 Burners Without Borders Spring SummitStadionwurstGreat Lakes Traditional Arts Gathering (On Hiatus, apparently)Fat Freddy’s DropAlpha BlondyThe Necklace Factory AwardForestryUniversity of Freiburg Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources

(It turns out Kristin did not actually help with these show notes, Nick ended up doing them at 3 AM after working on other people’s taxes for 20 hours.)


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