SW045 Home Sweet Home

Home ownership, betting on the future, and organizing at work.

Duration: 1:22:57

Nick Farr
Florian Posdziech

Nick forgot to mention the reason bringing up the coffee shop story: In 2006, while working as a minimum wage Barista, two twentysomthings were trying to pitch him a no down payment mortgage. That’s when he realized there was something really wrong with the mortgage and housing market.

Did any of you get a good time for when Nick finished his story? Probably longer than 90 seconds.

Nick’s old apartment in Mexico City is an AirBNB: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/53845986

Nick is currently using a Pixel 7. Kristin has a Pixel 6. Raven has a Pixel 4.

Most of the population of the Grand Rapids Metro Area (https://censusreporter.org/profiles/31000US24340-grand-rapids-kentwood-mi-metro-area/) lives in an area a little bigger than the Saarland, each being slightly over 1 million people. The City of Grand Rapids has a population of about 195,000, similar to Saarbrucken’s 175,000.

nickfarr@chaos.social, brace@dpw.social

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